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Welcome to my teaching portfolio. I am a tenured Associate Professor in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. I was promoted to Director, Indigenous Education, at Werklund in 2018. As a post-secondary educator, I am passionate about education and the possibilities it brings to learners across their lifetime. As a Metis scholar, I am especially committed to ensuring Indigenous truths and perspectives are brought into classrooms.


In this dossier, I introduce the viewer to some of my memorable moments as a faculty member and as an educational researcher. My teaching philosophy includes reflections on my teaching practice in the form of self-evaluations, as well as my leadership role, in an effort to continue my growth as an educator.


I am also a firm believer that we are stronger together - particularly in education - so please leave me a comment if you'd like to connect.

Indigenous Service-Learning and Language Revitalization Efforts


Kindling Conversations
 2013-14, 2018-19
Taylor Institute, Studio A


Since 2013, the Werklund School of Education has required all pre-service teachers to complete a mandatory course in Indigenous education as part of their program requirements.


I have taught this course since 2013 and have published on the pedagogical impact of this course on students and instructors. I have also shared the impact of this course through video productions such as the one featured above.

As a card-holding member of the Metis Nation of Alberta with ancestral ties to the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement, I have been privileged to work with fellow Metis on a series of 19 digital stories. These stories formed the basis of my doctoral dissertation and are now moving into educational resources.


An ethnographic study of how this small northern Alberta settlement community supported this work is now published by Routledge Press. 

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