As an educator who is committed to making a positive difference through education, there is a certain element of risk involved - at every stage, in unexpected moments, across a variety of settings. As I see it, this risk holds great reward.


In viewing my classroom as a "sacred space," I embrace a positive attitude and a genuine belief in the good of others in my teaching. I am also keenly aware that in being open and vulnerable to learners, I am modelling how they too can express humility as lifelong learners.

In this emotion-laden space between vulnerability and courageousness is where I must also make space for the voices, the ideas, and the beliefs of others. I must realize that what I hope for is not always what others will hope for...but, through dialogue, we can find common ground.


I must continually remind myself that to take care of myself, is to take care of others who walk beside me. This means learning how to say "no" to the many requests that come my way. I acknowledge that saying no is not easy for me, so I will look to others who have found a way to effectively cope in this time of significant social change. If I am not healthy, I cannot teach. If am not happy, I cannot teach from the heart. If I am not humble, I cannot teach from a good place. The risks of not taking care of myself are too great. I will continue to strive to reach what I teach to others.